Some days I chew a whole pack of gum

Some days I can’t stop chewing gum. I need it to sooth my nerves, keep me awake, provide sugar, stave off hunger, or prevent teeth clenching or grinding. I chew it like the world depends on it. And I blow bubbles and make loud popping sounds.


My nerves, anxiousness and irritability are all on the top of the list. Some days I can’t shake the feeling that something terrible has happened, is happening or is going to happen in the very near future. And of course I’m usually the cause of that terrible thing which only adds to my anxiety.


Gum’s ability to keep me awake is a close second. On those days when staring at the computer feels like I’m being hypnotized. My eyes are heavy and I’m afraid my head is going to fall and smack the desk. Or else someone is going to walk in my office and see my head hanging and drool coming out of my mouth.


I try not to consume unnecessary sugars. I’ve cut out most desserts and other processed sweets. But I still have a craving for something sugary from time to time. Gum is sweet and juicy so it totally does the trick. At least for the 10 minutes before it loses its flavor.


When I get the urge to snack gum can stop me from eating something stupid. In the afternoon there can sometimes be a lull and a snack of any kind sounds like a great idea. If I pop a piece of gum in my mouth and chew, chew, chew I soon forget that I wanted to stuff my face.


Teeth clenching or grinding sometimes happens without my knowledge. But if I do catch myself with the urge, gum is a welcome distraction. Although the pace in which I chew often still makes my teeth and jaw sore.


Overall chewing gum is harmless. It helps me through the day with minimal effect. Except, that is, for those around me. Sorry bout that.


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