Expanded: Is your Self-Esteem reliant on social media?

Lonely Original

In a recent post “Is your Self-Esteem reliant on social media?” I discussed how my self-esteem is affected by social media interactions.

Well, I forgot my phone today when I stepped out for lunch. I contemplated coming back to grab it but decided not to bother. When I returned to my office and found that no one had tried to contact me, liked one of my posts, tagged me in a photo, liked my blog, etc… I felt sad and lonely.  I text my husband and he still hasn’t responded.

What a lonely Monday in my office of the “Working for the Man” land.  I need some imaginary friends or something.  I was practically in tears the other day wishing I was back in middle or high school with a 24/7 best friend.  But instead, I’m 33 with an 8-5 job that sucks the life out of my soul.  Social media is the only outlet I seem to have at the moment to fulfill those creative urges.  And when there is no activity I feel like a junky needing a fix.


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