Mind Tornado


Feeling discouraged. I’m not motivated. My own worst enemy. Super lazy this weekend. Didn’t take the dogs out at all. Feel guilty. Worrying about yesterday. Heart palpitations. Need to work out. It helps with anxiety. Wasn’t active at all. Ate bad Friday night. Never reach my goal. Feel like crying. Work does not help. Sit in front of my computer feeling trapped. Want to get out. Scared. Soul sucking. Work for the man. No point. Useless. My husband suffers. My dogs suffer. Death is imminent. Funeral to go to. Aunt has alzheimers disease. Getting worse. Mom a disaster. Surgery in the future. My sister moved to another state. Always feel fat. Never satisfied. Never accepting. Never fully proud. Wasted life. Want to travel. Move on. Be those people. Feel suffocated. Don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Already old. It’s too late. Never getting out.


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