Death has a way of bringing your day to a stand still. There is no way to continue until you have time to process what you just heard or witnessed. I don’t care who’s death it was. Someone close or a stranger. Even an animal. Death is simply hard to comprehend. The thought that our lives and those around us can be over in a split second makes you feel vulnerable and scared. Sure, we all want to be at peace with the inevitable but it takes some time to digest.

The death of a friend is much more complicated. Not a terribly close friend but someone you like to hang out with, someone you care about. To hear that they suddenly no longer exist is quite shocking. You start to wonder what happened. Piece together things you’ve heard about them or seen. As information trickles in you begin to form your own opinion.

Now take that a step further. You knew this individual was not happy. You could see the struggles they were having. But like I said before, you weren’t terribly close. You assumed they had a close friend or relative that they could rely on for support. What if you assumed wrong? What if that individual needed all the support they could get from anyone willing to give it? Now you’re stuck feeling sad and regretful that maybe you could have done something. Keep in mind, you still don’t know what happened. But you can’t help but feel connected.

So let’s back track. Don’t panic. It could have been a freak accident. Just because someone is having a rough time does not mean they would end there own life. Keep your mind open to the possibility that what little you did was well received and appreciated. And that regardless of your actions some peoples fates are already sealed. Now there is a little guilt because of the first explanation you thought of. You feel guilty for feeling what others might be feeling. What could be true.

Death. A mystery. A confusing time for all. A sad and tragic event. A release for some. A blessing for others. But most of all a new beginning for those still here and for the ones who have passed. Death is inevitable. We all face it. The feelings that come with it are natural and normal and should be embraced.

To those I’ve lost: I miss you. To those I know have passed: May you find peace. And to those who have yet to leave this world: Remember that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed.


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