Birthday Wishing Pressure


Never before have I ever been so pressured into wishing everyone I ever met (and subsequently friended on a social media site) a happy birthday. I miss the days of when you only had to wish happy birthday to your close friends and relatives. And occasionally a co-worker…depending on your office environment. But now, forget about it. I can’t go one day without being guilted into wishing my husband’s best friend’s cousin happy birthday for fear of being the only one who didn’t.

And if that is not bad enough you are participating in the pressuring too even if you don’t want to. When it’s your birthday there is a cyber elf out there pressuring people to wish you a happy birthday. Can you imagine the horror. I would be so embarrassed if this were happening in the real world. Think about it. One of your office “elfs” (co-workers), you know the one, who will take any excuse to chat it up and gossip about what ever. “Hey Johnny” as the elf shouts across the office, “Did you wish Pat a happy birthday? You know it’s his birthday right? You better wish him happy birthday like the rest of us have.” And at that point everyone feels awkward.

How is it different on social media? Because you know you are getting pity happy birthday wishes. Ones that would never have been made if not for those crazy cyber elfs trying to cheer everyone up with unsolicited greetings. It’s out of control.


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