What if the sky wasn’t blue? Maybe it was bright pink! What if the world wasn’t round? Instead it’s just a dot of ink!

Could you live in a world where the grass is always bluer on the other side? What if cats could ride bikes and dogs were ten houses wide.

Have you ever dreamed of a different world? One full of color and shapes and designs. Things you’ve never seen before. A world full of wonder and surprise.

What if there were NO pizza? And what if there were NO red? Could you stand the thought of it? Would you even get out of bed?

In my world monkey’s are everywhere and giraffes are used as money. Milk comes from palm trees and the president is a bunny.

A pink and white fluffy bunny. Who hops around to every land and makes sure there’s fun being had in the grass and in the sand.

What if your job was to play? Just play and have fun! Do you think you could manage? Playing with your friends a ton?

I would want unlimited popsicles and never ending iced tea. We could eat bananas all day and then relax under a nearby tree.

The frog would suggest a swim in the fruit juice stream. The deer wants to go for a run in the field of dreams.

No matter what you imagine it can always come true. Because your imagination is controlled by you.


2 thoughts on “Blue-ish

    • Thanks MissFourEyes. I wrote it some time ago. Although it is a simple poem I really like it too. It’s fun to imagine a new world with all the things you love. Life could be so different.

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